Long Term Disability Claim Attorney in central Massachusetts

I Manage Your Claim So You Can Manage Your Health

Being denied on a long-term disability insurance claim is frustrating and frightening. But acting rashly can lead to significant negative consequences. Even if you are simply trying to give the insurance company information it wants, you must be careful to avoid permanently harming your case. If you’re located in the Worcester, MA area George Thompson can help you. 

This can be difficult when dealing with a disability and financial stress. It helps to have an experienced, knowledgeable and objective long-term disability lawyer on your side during this time, someone who can help you avoid the pitfalls of filing a long-term disability claim under ERISA.

Missteps Are Extremely Harmful In Long-Term Disability Appeals

When appealing a denied claim, you must be sure to include all relevant and significant information. ERISA, a federal law, governs most long-term disability insurance plans. Under ERISA, you only have one chance to appeal your claim. Failing to mount a proper appeal can be hugely damaging to your future financial prospects. Hiring an experienced long term disability attorney can greatly improve your odds of winning your case.

I Am Willing And Able To File Lawsuits Against Insurers

If you want to take your case to federal court, the record will only include information you gave when appealing your denial. What this means for you is that your appeal must include all relevant information or you risk harming your chance for a future lawsuit against your insurer.

Practical Knowledge Makes A Difference. I Have Reviewed Thousands Of Claims.

As a lawyer who used to work for insurers, I know what insurance companies look for when approving or denying a claim. I used to train claim reviewers regarding what information to look for in a claim file. I know what information is vital to include on your appeal so that if the insurance company does act unreasonably, they can be held accountable in court. My experience in the insurance industry creates value for my clients when they hire me as their long-term disability attorney.

Because of my experience on long-term disability claims, I know when you have a valid claim. If you are denied on appeal, I am ready to go to court and sue the insurer on your behalf. Contact the Law Offices of George E. Thompson, P.C. to schedule your confidential consultation today.