ERISA Disability Attorney Worcester County

You Have Legal Options If Your Life Insurance Claim Was Denied

The death of a loved one is an immeasurable loss for you and your family. There are also financial implications that cannot be ignored.

If you have received a denial of life insurance benefits under your policy or the policy of your loved one, you may still have options. You can file an appeal with the help of an experienced ERISA claims attorney.

I am George Thompson, a former lawyer for the insurance industry with 25-plus years of experience in ERISA and life insurance claims, appeals, and litigation. Serving clients in the Worcester and Westborough areas, I can thoroughly review the terms of the life insurance policy in question. I can help you gather information regarding your appeal to put your claim in the best possible position to succeed.

As an accomplished insurance attorney who is familiar with the nuances of life insurance policies and the law, I know what traps to avoid when appealing and what information you must include in your appeal.

I provide free consultations from my office in Westborough and I represent clients throughout Massachusetts.

Premium Waiver Disputes

Many insurance policies contain a provision waiving your requirement to pay life insurance premiums if you become disabled. In some cases, insurers will contest whether this provision applies to your situation.

If you have questions regarding your continued payment of premiums if you are disabled, do not delay in contacting The Law Office of George Thompson. A failure to pay premiums can lead to allegations by the insurer that your life insurance coverage lapsed.

Is Your Insurer Claiming Lapsed Coverage?

Insurance companies do not have to pay life insurance claims if the underlying policy lapsed due to a failure to pay premiums. However, if the lapsed coverage was the result of an administrative or clerical error on the part of the insurance company, which is not uncommon, or because of a premium waiver dispute, you may still have options. However, it can be difficult to obtain the required information alone.

As a former lawyer for the insurance industry, I understand the internal workings of insurance companies. I can look over your claim file for any errors the insurer made regarding your premiums. If the error was on the insurer’s part, not your own, I have the experience and skill to hold them accountable.