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Elder, Nursing Home And Long-Term Care Insurance Claims

Nursing home and elder care costs have skyrocketed. Simply put, it is impossible for most people to pay for long-term care out-of-pocket. Long-term care insurance is one of the few ways to pay for nursing home care and other expenses associated with terminal or debilitating illnesses without bankrupting the estate of the person who needs care.

Due to its expense, insurance companies are not eager to take on the costs associated with long-term care unless they are required to under your policy and the law. That means you must thoroughly establish your loved one needs elder care or nursing home care and meets the terms of the insurance policy.

Get A Thorough Review Of Your Claim

In order to get benefits under long-term care insurance, the claimant must prove he or she cannot complete an activity of daily living (ADL). This could include being unable to cook meals, get dressed or go to the bathroom without aid.

You will need to thoroughly document the need for long-term care. You will need to review and analyze your policy to determine whether your loved one meets eligibility requirements. Fortunately, you can get experienced legal help from a long term disability claim attorney to guide you along the way.

Protect Your Rights Under Your Policy

I am George Thompson, Esq. Serving the Westborough and Worcester areas, I exclusively practice insurance law because I have over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. As an experienced ERISA attorney with practical knowledge of how to secure long-term care benefits for your aging or ill loved ones, let me guide you throughout your claims process.

A Meticulous And Detail-Oriented Approach

Your ERISA long-term care lawyer should be thorough, responsive and able to clearly communicate what you need to do to put your claim in the best position to be approved. At The Law Office of George Thompson, you will find an effective long term disability claim attorney with vast experience and knowledge on which to rely.