01 May

Who is Eligible for Long Term Disability?

longterm disability

When a serious injury or illness prevents you from earning an income, you need to apply for benefits that can sustain you and your family. However, the application process itself can be fraught with legalities for which you are not prepared. You may even be denied for them if you apply by yourself.

Rather than face the process of pursuing them alone, you need to retain the experience of a long term disability claim attorney to represent you. You can contact the Law Offices of George E. Thompson to find out who is eligible for long term disability and if you have a case that you could win in court.

Terminally or Chronically Ill

People who are terminally or chronically ill are eligible to receive long term disability benefits. Some of the illnesses that qualify people for these payments include pulmonary fibrosis, COPD, bone cancer, lung cancer and advanced multiple sclerosis.

A disability benefits judge will not simply take your word for it that you are chronically or terminally ill, however. You must provide ample proof to establish your illness. Your lawyer will assist you in submitting proof like doctors’ reports, prescription receipts, x-rays and even testimony from your doctors and nurses to the court.


People who are going or have gone blind also qualify for long term disability benefits. People who cannot see many times cannot work in a meaningful capacity. They also cannot drive or, in some instances, safely take public transportation to and from a job.

Your lawyer can present evidence like you most recent vision exam or proof of a failed vision surgery o show that you are losing or have lost your eyesight. You could receive benefits for as long as your vision impairment persists.

You can find out more about who qualifies for long term disability benefits by contacting our long term disability claim attorney. Reach out to the Law Offices of George E. Thompson today.