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31 Aug


I have a policy for Long-Term Health Care Benefits with a major company that I took out 15 years ago. This past year when I filed a claim they approved some of the claims but denied others. I hired George Thompson to review my policy and he filed an appeal indicating that the benefits they denied are clearly covered by my policy. Upon further review by the company, they approved the claims they[...]

15 May


George Thompson was a great lawyer for me in helping my get back on my LTD insurance. I wasn't getting much, and most lawyers wouldn't even consider helping me because it wasn't "worth it" for them, but my meager income is vital for my family. Not only did George represent me for a reasonable price, he helped me get the tests I needed to prove that I was still disabled...three times! That's[...]

02 Apr

Marilyn S.

George helped me with getting back my long term insurance from a job that just completely shut me out after I had to go in disability for good. As they told me that I was well enough to return to work. George not only took on my case but had followed through and won he continued to make sure I was taken care of. When I had been hospitalized for a couple of months on and off he not only got an[...]

13 Mar


We hired Attorney Thompson to represent an elderly parent with an issue involving a long-term care insurance policy. Attorney Thompson was extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful and skilled in navigating us to an excellent solution. He was very responsive, too. If he was being graded, he would get an[...]

21 Feb


Mr. Thompson came highly recommended to us and he lived up to his reputation and then some. He listened to our issue with a long-term care insurance policy and recommended an effective solution to stop the game-playing and get the benefits under the policy. One letter later and the problem was resolved! He knows the law and he is fast, efficient and results-oriented. I highly recommend George[...]

06 Mar


This is written in gratitude to Attorney George Thompson. I am the court appointed guardian of my 45-year-old son who suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by a motorcycle accident. When the insurance company providing my adult son's long-term disability benefits decided that he was no longer disabled I was stunned. The insurance company's decision was completely at odds with my son's ongoing[...]

03 Jan


After months of waiting for my insurance company to make a decision, my long term disability (LTD) claim was denied. I had suffered a medical crisis which left me with a disability and could not understand the insurance company's decision. I was fortunate to find and retain Attorney George Thompson who is a highly skilled, experienced LTD attorney. He was a strong advocated for me. Attorney[...]

30 Dec


So... My wife fell ill, which was stressful. She kept getting worse, which was more stressful. Then she needed oxygen and wheelchairs and couldn't work any longer and I had to sell my business and find a new job so I could stay home to care for her and we had doctor's appointments nearly every day and she was having seizures and her insurance kept denying that she was ill... Have I mentioned the[...]