1. Recent policyholder clients

Health Insurance

"When I was diagnosed with chronic auto-immune disease my wife and I found that there were very few resources available to help us navigate through the legal maze that is the health and disability insurance industry. Nearly all those resources are actually managed within the industry and thus are not intended to be advocates for the ill/injured/disabled. George was recommended to us and we immediately felt and saw the results. His insider understanding of the insurance industry empowered us to make knowledge based and assertive positions when we communicated with our insurance company, our Doctors and the Social Security Administration. He established respectful relationships with all of them and ensured that they were no longer adversarial. From there we were able to use the system to our advantage. We are grateful for all that he did for us!"
— David and Robbi R.

"In handling my health insurance claim, George Thompson's intelligence, commitment to detail, and expert knowledge of the health insurance industry were instrumental in achieving a claim payment. By representing my interests both legally and ethically, he demonstrated true patient advocacy."
— Lauren

Disability Insurance

"This is just a note to express my gratitude for all the work that you did. Your knowledge and experience with disability insurance matters made all the difference in my case. I couldn't have chosen a better attorney."
— David D.

"It is evident from the LTD appeal packet that you submitted to the insurance company, that you gave the appeal a great deal of attention. My husband and I could not have asked for more. We very much appreciate it."
— Ann

"I was given George Thompson's name from an attorney in Boston who couldn't handle my case. George was highly recommended, and clearly was an asset to me in the handling of my Long Term Disability claim. George was punctual, resourceful, professional, and extremely knowledgeable in disability claim handling. Having a disability claim background myself, I can attest that George's knowledge and experience of insurance claim handling is extensive and unlimited. I wouldn't consider having any other attorney represent me other than George Thompson."
— Danielle

"Effective, efficient, top notch advice all comes to mind when I think of how to describe the legal representation George M. Thompson consistently provides. I have engaged him for a number of years for personal matters and he remains my go to attorney. His experience and professionalism are exemplary. All this is being said by another attorney, who does not easily give up control over her own matters without finding someone she can have total trust in. No question, hands down, Mr. Thompson has my highest recommendation."
— Connie

Long Term Care Insurance

"Better advice was never given to my brother and me than to work with George Thompson on our late mother's failure-to-honor Nursing Home policy claim. I worked personally with George for over a year on a complex and involved question of non-payment by Mutual of Omaha."

"Right from the get-go, George was simply outstanding. He was clear, concise, and never evolved into complicated "lawyer-speak" even to explain somewhat oblique and complicated legal statutes or precedents. He is personable and obviously totally honest/above-board in his explanations of potential courses of action or likely outcomes. The guy knows what he's doing, and his efforts proved very successful. In fact, his early-on prediction actually proved to be "spot-on" and 100% correct. He is a superb lawyer and a terrific guy. He earned my strongest recommendation."
—USAF Colonel (retired) McWilliams

"We would like to thank you for assistance in resolving all of the issues (premiums, policy status and claim) we had with the insurance company concerning my grandfather's long term care policy. We are amazed with what you were able to accomplish; and in such a short time. The policy was reinstated and the claim was paid in full. This is something that we were unable to accomplish for over a year (and we work in the disability insurance industry) and it seemed as though litigation was our only option. The last thing we wanted to do was engage in a protracted legal process. Thank you for everything."
— John, Lisa & Judy

2. Observations from insurance industry professionals regarding George's past work in the insurance industry

"...an excellent attorney with sound judgment..."
"...a superior lawyer with extensive experience, sharp skills and excellent legal judgment. He brings all of this to bear in his work."
"A bright lawyer with excellent experience and talent. An affable person with good people skills. Efficient with his time and knows how to get to the root of a problem."
"Provides legal input that is balanced, refreshing and thoughtful"
"...can break down issues to simple terms in ways most everyone can understand..."
"George has a no-nonsense pragmatic approach ...he is a creative problem solver and often will offer a suggestion that is something no one else had thought of."
"...a strong leader/mentor in the law department. He has excellent legal skills..."
"...a strong advocate..."

Orthodontia/Dental Insurance

"George told us during our first meeting, "You can't un-bake the cake," and in hindsight he was right! My wife suffered a severe injury that damaged her teeth, and even though our medical insurance covered dental restorations, our insurance company stonewalled for over a year, refusing to preauthorize treatment and pay the dental claims. Eventually, we were forced into a second level appeal process, which would determine the final outcome. Given that we didn't really understand how the ERISA laws worked, we didn't want to forfeit our rights by mishandling the second level appeal. George informed us that if the second level appeal was not handled properly, it could hurt us if further legal action was required. We hired George on the spot, and he immediately took control of the situation. His communications with our insurance company were professional, thorough, respectful, and effective. With George's invaluable help, we won our appeal. Hiring George was one of the best financial decisions we've made!"
--John and Cindy

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