Resolution Of Individual Disability Insurance Claims And Disputes

Many employer-provided long term disability insurance plans simply have too low of a maximum monthly payment amount to be enough for some families. Individual disability insurance coverage can help offset the costs of being unable to work by supplementing your income from LTD insurance through your employer.

But if you are denied individual disability benefits, you are back to struggling to meet your financial obligations. I am George Thompson, an experienced insurance claims and disputes lawyer familiar with individual disability insurance claims. I have been working either for, with or against insurers regarding insurance disputes for over 25 years. I can help clients in Westborough, Worcester and all of the surrounding areas.

Distinguishing Between Individual Disability Claims And Employer-Provided Insurance

Unlike many other benefits, particularly employee benefits, individual disability insurance is not governed under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This is important because insurers who deny individual disability insurance claims in bad faith can be subjected to lawsuits. It also means you have certain legal procedures available to you not available in ERISA claims.

Experience Matters

Insurance law can be complex. To understand your rights under your long-term disability coverage and your individually purchased disability insurance requires significant knowledge of both state and federal insurance law. Many attorneys, even those who handle bad faith insurance claims, workers' comp and Social Security Disability claims, do not know the intricacies of disability insurance disputes.

As an accomplished and respected insurance law attorney, I have the knowledge to handle all of your disability claims, whether employer-provided or individually purchased. I exclusively handle insurance claims because I have the experience and knowledge to provide practical guidance and value added benefit for my clients.

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