Obtaining Your Short-Term Disability Benefits You Need And Deserve

Most employers have group short-term disability insurance to help people who are injured, disabled or too ill to work. While you have legal protections regarding short-term disability and time off, you still must get approval for your short-term disability before receiving benefits.

Understanding The Process Insurers Take In Evaluating Claims

Whether you need help filing an initial claim or appealing a rejected claim, getting the short-term disability benefits you need is vital to paying your bills. At The Law Office of George Thompson in Westborough, Massachusetts, we can help you pursue your short-term disability claim.

As a former lawyer in the insurance industry, I have an insider's understanding of how insurance companies approach short-term disability claims. I can anticipate potential pitfalls in your claim and I understand what information should be included in your appeal.

Knowledgeable Guidance To Document Your Disability

Some disabilities do not have as many outward signs as others. Fibromyalgia and mental illnesses, for example, may require extensive paperwork to document. It is not enough, in many cases, to simply get a diagnosis from your doctor.

I know how to put your claim in the best position to be successful. I can help you gather information about your symptoms, doctor's visits and other information required by insurance companies before approving a claim or appeal.

Extensive Guidance Concerning Your Appeal

ERISA, a federal law, governs most short-term disability plans. ERISA law is an intricate and includes numerous procedural requirements and other complexities. Many attorneys, even those who handle workers' compensation and Social Security Disability claims, are unfamiliar with the nuances of ERISA.

I practice exclusively in insurance law and ERISA claims, appeals and litigation. With significant experience on which to rely, I know the information you must include in your appeal that will protect your rights.

Experienced Attorney Representation On Your Side

I want my clients to be informed about the merits of their case and what I can do for them. That is why I provide free consultations to discuss your short-term disability insurance and what I can do for you. Call me at 800-347-3267 or schedule your free consultation here.