Giving Your Claim The Best Chance To Succeed

It is a common mistake to assume that your insurance claim will be approved when you have a legitimate health issue, disability or other need for insurance. If you are not committing insurance fraud and have nothing to hide, why would your insurance company deny your claim?

Unfortunately, when filing an initial insurance benefits claim, numerous issues and complications can arise that may lead to a denial. Obtaining benefits involves more than checking boxes and signing your name. For example, proving that you are disabled, and not just ill or suffering from a medical condition, can be difficult and depends on the language in your policy.

Because covering an insurance claim may involve significant costs, insurance companies require a significant amount of documentation before approval. A single misstep can lead to a delay or denial.

Your Protections Under ERISA

Insurance companies have certain protections under ERISA that can make them more willing to take risks when denying initial claims. However, you also have rights under ERISA.

Having an experienced lawyer on your side from the outset ensures that your rights are protected from the start of your claim. Insurance companies have attorneys dedicated to deciding whether your claim can be legally denied. Shouldn't you have an attorney on your side fighting for you?

Legal Guidance Regarding Disability Insurance Claims And Long-Term Care

I am George Thompson, an ERISA attorney with over 25 years' experience in insurance matters, serving clients in the Westborough and Worcester, Massachusetts, areas. As a lawyer who worked in the insurance industry, I know how insurance companies operate and what factors they consider when approving or denying a claim. I can provide you with information and guidance when you need it most.

Providing Free Initial Consultations

I began my own law practice so I could help individuals and families in need. To that end, I offer free initial consultations. I can let you know the merits of your claim and what to expect from the process. It costs you nothing to contact me and discuss your claim, so there is no risk to you. Call The Law Office of George Thompson at 800-347-3267 or schedule your consultation online.