An Experienced ERISA Claims And Disputes Attorney

The federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 governs private employment benefits, including pensions, long-term care insurance, health insurance and other benefits.

ERISA is a complex law.

If you are like most people, you tried to understand the benefits when you signed up for insurance policies, but likely did not have time to read the fine print. When disputes arise, ERISA is usually the law that applies to whether your insurance company must provide coverage. The language in ERISA and in insurance policies is written by lawyers with legal considerations in mind. It can therefore be hard for most people to understand what their policy actually covers and whether an insurance company's denial is legal.

That is why an experienced ERISA claims and disputes attorney can be invaluable.

To Claim Your Benefits, It Is Important To Contact The Right Lawyer

I am attorney George Thompson. For over 25 years, I have worked for and against insurance companies in ERISA claims, disputes, appeals and litigation. I am an insurance benefits attorney dedicated to protecting my clients in the Westborough and Worcester areas.

I help file, appeal and litigate insurance claims involving:

Do Not Take Insurance Companies On Alone

Few things are more important to you and your family's well-being than receiving the insurance benefits you need and deserve. I do what I do because I help individuals and families secure much-needed benefits, which can drastically improve lives.

I know ERISA. I have experience filing claims, appealing claims, and litigating and mediating disputes. Relatively few attorneys practice in this area of the law, and even fewer can match my experience.

Putting Powerful Representation On Your Side

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