Resolving Insurance Disputes In And Out Of Court

Most disputes with insurers settle, either through negotiation prior to trial or through alternative dispute resolution or mediation. This is because it often costs less for both parties to negotiate a deal outside of court. In ADR, both parties argue their side before an agreed upon neutral third party, but the proceedings take place out of court.

But whether you are negotiating a settlement, resolving your dispute through ADR, or entering mediation, you need a lawyer on your side who is capable and effective in the courtroom. The willingness and ability to go to court can influence all aspects of your claim, from the initial filing to an internal appeal with the insurance company.

In Depth Knowledge Of The Insurance Companies

My clients in the Worcester and Westborough areas come to me with financial concerns in mind. I know you need the most amount of money possible under your insurance policy. My goal is always to get you the most money at the least cost.

If your insurer is acting in bad faith, illegally or erroneously in denying your claim, taking your matter to court is your best financial option. I can capably and effectively handle your case in federal court. I have significant experience in insurance litigation in my 30-year career as an insurance lawyer.

I am familiar with both state and federal court and can litigate insurance disputes under ERISA and Massachusetts state law. If litigation is the best option for you, I will fight vigorously in court to obtain the results you deserve.

Let The Law Office Of George Thompson Assist You

Whether mediation, ADR or litigation is the right option for you depends on your individual circumstances. To obtain a free initial consultation with an attorney regarding your insurance dispute, contact my Westborough, Massachusetts, office at 800-347-3267. You may also contact my law firm online.